Open Coolers | VT0-1

Open Cooling Systems | VT0-1

The VT0/1 is a radial counterflow cooling tower for a performance range from 7 to 455 l/s with a maximum water inlet temperature of 55°C (standard packing) to 65°C (alternative packing). The water is distributed under pressure. Various trickle installations and design options allow optimum adaptation to individual plant configurations. The VT0/1 offers high performance and minimum operating weight.

Operating principle

Hot process water (1) passes from the top of the cooling tower into the spray system (2), where it is distributed over the packing or the heat transfer medium (3). At the same time, the radial fan (4) of the air movement system located at the bottom of the cooling tower blows ambient air (5) upwards through the tower. When the hot process water meets the cold air, the latter is heated and part of the process water evaporates, resulting in optimum heat transfer. The tower tank (6) or basin collects the cooled water (7), which then returns to the heat source of the process. The warm saturated air (8) leaves the tower through the droplet separators (9), which remove the water droplets from the air.

Typical applications are:

  • Small to medium climate and industrial applications
  • Tight spaces and installations requiring a single air inlet
  • indoor installations
  • Noise-critical installations
  • Commercial applications with high temperatures

Main advantages of the VT0/1

  • Reliable
  • Quiet
  • Compact

Main advantages in detail

Thousands of VT0/1 cooling towers (formerly VXT) installed worldwide prove their reliability every day. Since the fan, motor and drive system (V-belt) are located in the dry air, moisture and condensation are prevented. By eliminating the need for external moving parts, the unit can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Corrosion-resistant materials, such as the unique Baltibond hybrid coating, guarantee a long service life.

VT0/1 units feature quiet internal radial fans, a single-sided air intake and a quieter tower rear for minimal ambient noise. In addition, it is possible to further reduce operating noise with silencers or water silencers developed and tested in the factory.

The compact design requires little floor space. As the radial fans can be integrated into supply and exhaust air duct systems, there are no problems with indoor installation. The one-sided air inlet also allows installation next to solid walls.

Evaporative cooling units minimize the energy consumption of the entire system due to their lower operating temperatures. The operator saves costs, at the same time conserves resources and reduces environmental influences.

The inside of the unit is easily accessible for adjusting the float valve, cleaning the strainer or rinsing the tub. All mechanical parts including the fan bearings are easily accessible. The packing packs consist of individual sheets for easy and complete inspection or cleaning, so that a complete exchange of the packing packs is usually not necessary.

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