ice storage

Ice storage for efficient power consumption

What are ice reservoirs?

Ice reservoirs are systems that build up ice when the cooling requirement is low or the energy prices are low – i.e. mostly during the night. This ice storage system is used for air conditioning systems or other cooling processes when the demand for cooling increases or energy prices are high.

delivery program

In addition to system analysis and consulting, our range of services covers the entire spectrum from individual components through engineering to installation, commissioning and service for ice storage facilities for

  • External melting applications
  • Internal melting applications

Our ice storage systems offer you unique advantages

Cooling capacity in case of failure of a refrigerating machine
cooling capacity 70%
  • With our total cooling systems you save additional costs of the ice storage devices.
  • Space saving through smart, integral ice storage system.
  • Minimization of pipe sizes
  • Further savings through smaller fans and duct systems are possible
  • Optimum space conditions thanks to efficient electrical installation.
  • Favourable terms of energy prices due to an economical energy supply during the night and the smart ice storage system.
  • Reduction of peak power demand to 50%.
  • Low efficiency disadvantage at night ice production
  • Reduction of the pressure loss due to increased temperature differences of the cooled water
  • High reliability guaranteed by the smart composition of the ice storage system
  • 60% of the cooling capacity of an average daily load are produced by 2 chillers, while the ice storage system supplies 40%.
  • The failure of a refrigerating machine is prevented:
    • Instead of 50% of the power loss during system failures, only 30% of the total cooling capacity is lost.
    • According to ASHRAE weather data, 70% of cooling capacity is sufficient for 85% of the time, ensuring solid performance back-up.
  • The reduction of energy consumption and the use of electricity during the night reduce global warming.
  • Night-time electricity consumption leads to a reduction in emissions compared to the use of electricity during the day.
  • Smaller chillers reduce system refrigerant requirement, which helps preserve the ozone layer and reduce global warming
  • Our smart ice storage systems cool at night. Due to the lower outside temperatures, less energy has to be produced for the cooling capacity, which results in lower CO2 emissions.
  • Through tube bundles instead of single tubes
  • During routine maintenance of a refrigerating machine, the smart ice storage system takes over the cooling load.
  • Smaller system components

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