Liquefaction plants & cryogenic cooling of technical gases

Operating principle

Cryogenic generators based on the Stirling principle offer the best energy efficiency for on-site refrigeration in the low-temperature range and, thanks to their long-standing industry-proven technology, also the most favourable conditions for high overall cost-effectiveness.

Cryogenic gas technology focuses not only on the extraction, liquefaction, reliquefaction and subcooling of gases, but also on closed cryogenic cooling systems (e.g.) with helium, neon and nitrogen circuits.

ERT delivers...

  • Cryogenic generators based on the Stirling principle as individual systems
  • industrial complete solutions for methane, nitrogen, oxygen and liquid air
  • Plants for liquefaction and refluxing of technical gases according to individual customer requirements
  • Lösungen für geschlossene kryogene Kühlsysteme


  • Technical and medical applications
  • high feasible daily production quantities
  • high production flexibility due to adjustable tank storage pressure
  • automatic monitoring and control of the systems via SPS


  • Gaseous or variable liquid end product
  • High production quantities due to configurable systems
  • System requirements ensure constant and reliable operation, even in the event of power failure

SPC-1 and SPC-4

  • Production of different gases possible
  • variably applicable for gas liquefaction, cryogenic cooling of gases and subcooling of liquefied gases

SPC-1T and SPC-4T

  • Helium-based cooling capacity
  • Two-stage cryogenic cooling
  • Variety is given by configurable multisystem systems

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