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The FXV-D is a closed, radial counterflow cooling tower for a performance range up to 580 kW with a maximum liquid inlet temperature of 82°C. The water is distributed under pressure. FXV-D cooling towers provide full thermal performance for a wide range of flow and temperature requirements. They can be installed indoors, minimize noise levels and are available for limited ceiling or enclosure heights. The FXV-D design is characterized by low installation costs. It enables reliable year-round operation and requires little maintenance.

Operating principle

The FXV-D combines the function of a cooling tower with that of a heat exchanger. The warm process liquid (1) flows on both sides of the tower through a heat exchanger tube bundle (2) which is moistened by a spray system (3). Parallel to the water spray flow, an axial fan (4) sucks in air (5) via the tube bundles. The evaporation process cools the liquid (6) in the tube bundles. Since the coldest spray water and the air are at the top of the tower, the process liquid flows from bottom to top in the tube bundles. The spray water falls onto a packing (7), where it is cooled and then collects in the water basin (8). The pumps (9) return the cooled water to the spray system. The warm humid air (10) leaves the tower through the droplet separators (11), which remove the water droplets from the air.

Typical applications of the FXV-D are:

  • Medium to large climate and commercial applications such as arc furnaces and pharmaceutical plants

Main advantages of the FXV-D

  • Highest energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance and easy inspection
  • Optimum performance guaranteed

Main advantages in detail

Evaporative cooling PLUS is a unique combined heat transfer system for minimal system-wide energy consumption. The highly efficient axial fans with low kW output and the large single-cell output further reduce energy consumption. BACross II fillers are factory configured for unprecedented water/air contact and minimal airside pressure drop. The motor system with several fans, consisting of an independent fan motor and one drive module per fan, enables optimum power control. FXV-D models have the highest single cell performance compared to closed circuit evaporative cooling towers. Projects benefit from fewer cells required, lower overall fan kW and fewer pipe connections. The FXV-D delivers heat dissipation with the lowest possible energy and maintenance requirements.

All FXV-D models come standard with a hinged door and an internal catwalk. The spacious interior provides convenient access for inspection and maintenance of the cold water tank, droplet separators, fan drive system and heat exchanger coil. The parallel flow of air and water spray over the tube bundle allows inspection and access to the top of the tube bundle during operation. The fans are accessible from the inside as well as from the outside. The internal packing and the tube bundle are easily inspected via the removable droplet separator modules. The BACross II packing can be easily inspected and cleaned from the inside and outside without dismantling. The slope of the cold water basin and the inclined position of the filling material lead to continuous self-cleaning.

The belt drive system uses corrosion-resistant materials and state-of-the-art technology to ensure trouble-free maintenance and reliable performance throughout the year. Air inlet protection elements prevent biological growth due to sunlight, act as filters for airborne contaminants and foreign bodies, and prevent water from splashing out. Optimum performance is guaranteed by a unique and patented heat transfer system that allows fine temperature adjustment to meet thermal challenges (increased flow via heat exchanger coil and packing). The BACross II packing consists of patented steel sheets for maximum air/water contact for optimum heat transfer. The FXV-D has the industry’s best single cell performance. The use of corrosion-resistant materials, such as glass fibre polyester, ensures a long service life of the devices.

FXV-D units contain low-noise axial fans for minimum ambient noise. The BACross II fillers lead the water quietly and without water splashing noises to the pool. To further reduce noise, you should choose a whisper-quiet fan. Specially developed, tested and dimensioned silencers are available to further reduce operating noise at the air intake.

FXV-D cooling towers are factory assembled and supplied in parts on larger models to reduce overall size and weight and allow easy on-site assembly of parts with a smaller, cost-effective crane.

Easy to clean and inspect, the FXV-D cooling towers reduce hygiene risks due to bacteria or biofilm inside. Combined air inlet-protection elements block sunlight and prevent biological growth in the tower, filter the air and ensure that no water splashes out. Closed circuit cooling minimizes contamination in the process. The patented multi-stream technology reduces evaporation directly on the tube bundle and thus the risk of deposits and contamination. This is supported by the parallel flow of air and spray water, which eliminates deposit-promoting dry spots. Eurovent tested and certified droplet separators prevent droplets from entering the air.

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