Characteristics of the systems

ERT supplies mini cryogenic generators based on the Stirling principle with cooling capacities between 800 mW and 15000 mW, which generate refrigeration system temperatures of 60-80 K and can be used at ambient temperatures of up to 71°C. The miniature cryogenic generators can be used for the production of refrigeration systems with a cooling capacity between 800 mW and 15000 mW. The cooling capacity can be easily regulated via the supplied energy.

All LPT and LSF cryogenerators are equipped with linear driven reciprocating compressors that minimise electromagnetic interference, vibration and noise emissions. Without rotating components and dynamic seals, the compressors offer very high reliability and service life due to their design.

With the disc spring linear bearings (Linear Flexure Bearings) used for piston guidance, the compressors operate practically wear-free. The bearings offer such good axial rigidity that the pistons do not touch the cylinder wall. The linear drives with stationary coils and movable magnets also enable a hermetically sealed, laser-welded helium working gas system.

The split design simplifies the integration of the cryogenerators into a wide variety of application environments: Compressor and cold finger are designed as separate assemblies and connected by a pressure line which is available in various shapes and lengths.

Mini cryogenerators with linear driven counter-piston compressors are available in versions for virtually any requirement with both pulse tube cold fingers and cold fingers with free piston displacers.

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