superconductor technology

Properties of superconductor systems

ERT supplies cryogenic generators based on the Stirling principle for temperature control of high-temperature superconductors (HTS) with cooling system temperatures up to 15K.

We have many years of experience in the design of cryogenic cooling systems and can provide our customers with comprehensive technical support in cryogenic technology for industrial and energy superconductor applications.

Our range includes single-cylinder and four-cylinder machines in the following series

  • SPC: Single-stage cryogenic generators for the cooling capacity supply of closed liquid and immersion boiling cooling systems with a cooling circuit and output temperatures from 66K.
  • SPC-T: Two-stage cryogenic generators for the cooling capacity supply of a closed gas cooling system with temperatures between 15K and 60K (primary cooling circuit) and a precooling or shielding system with temperatures starting from 80K (secondary circuit)

Cryogenic generators based on the Stirling principle have been tried and tested in industry for many years and achieve very favourable efficiencies in the low-temperature range. They are characterized by high availability and low maintenance requirements at maintenance intervals of 6,000 operating hours.

ERT solutions significantly improve the overall cost-effectiveness of commercially used superconducting systems. On-site cryogenic temperature generation enables the use of energy-efficient closed cooling systems. The high losses of open cooling systems as well as refrigeration gas logistics are eliminated.

Cryogenic generators for use in superconductor technology

SPC-1 & SPC-4