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Operating principle

Warm process liquid (1) flows through a heat exchanger coil (2) which is moistened with water by the spray system (3). At the same time, the radial fan (4) blows ambient air from bottom to top (5) through the tower. During operation, heat is transferred from the tube bundle of the internal circuit to the water and then to the atmosphere, while part of the water evaporates. The cooled liquid then leaves the unit (6). The tower tub (7) or basin collects the remaining water. The spray water pump (8) lets the water flow back to the spray system. The warm saturated air (9) leaves the tower via the droplet separators (10), which remove the water droplets from the air.

Typical applications are:

  • Small to medium climate and industrial applications
  • Commercial applications with high temperatures
  • Space constraints and installations requiring a single air inlet
  • indoor installations
  • Noise critical environments
  • Dry operation in winter

key benefits

  • Reliable
  • Quiet
  • Compact

Main advantages in detail

Thousands of VXI coolers have been installed worldwide since 1978, proving the reliability of this type of cooler. The fans, motor and drive system are located outside the humid exhaust air stream, protecting them from moisture, condensation and ice formation. This makes it possible to operate the device all year round. The device can withstand even the harshest weather conditions, among other things because it has no external moving parts. The use of corrosion-resistant materials, such as the unique Baltibond hybrid coating, also guarantees a long service life. Optionally, we offer a finned tube coil with steel fins for dry operation.

VXI closed-circuit cooling towers have quiet radial fans for minimal ambient noise and a one-sided air inlet. In installation conditions with particularly low sound requirements in one direction, the unit can be aligned so that the opposite side of the unit to the air inlet (quietest side) points in the noise-sensitive direction. You can further reduce operating noise with specially developed and tested silencers.

The VXI is very compact and therefore suitable for installations in enclosed spaces, even with low ceiling heights. The one-sided air inlet allows the installation next to solid walls. Since the built-in radial fans enable a supply air and exhaust air duct system, it can also be installed indoors.

VXI cooling towers are factory assembled and adjusted complete with motors and drives. Larger models are supplied in two parts to reduce the size and weight of the heaviest component, allowing easy on-site assembly with smaller, less expensive cranes. The one-sided air inlet requires fewer motor starters for installation and wiring. The VXI offers high performance with minimal operating weight, and all models can be mounted directly onto two parallel I-profiles that must be provided by the customer. They are also suitable for roof installations. VXI-C models can be supplied in 10-foot containers. The fan housings are loosely attached to the lower part of the tower for easy on-site installation.

VXI evaporative coolers minimize the energy consumption of the entire system due to their lower operating temperatures. The operator saves costs, at the same time preserves raw materials and reduces environmental influences.

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