Closed cooling systems

Overview of all Products

Evaporative cooler

  • Higher system efficiency due to cleaner process liquid
  • Lower system maintenance costs
  • Lower water treatment costs
  • Further energy savings in winter, as operation without a chiller (free cooling) is possible
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Hybrid Cooler

  • dry operation
  • Adiabatic operation
  • wet-dry operation

Adiabatic Cooler

  • low process temperatures
  • 80% water savings per year compared to evaporative cooling towers
  • up to 40% higher performance compared to dry cooling (air temperatures close to wet bulb temperature)
  • lower energy consumption
  • Operational safety: no water circulation, no stagnating water, no aerosol generation, no water transfer.

Dry Cooler

  • No water treatment necessary
  • No vapour formation
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • No legionella risk

Operating Principle

This type of cooling tower has a closed primary cooling circuit in which the cooling water cannot be contaminated or lost.

Cooling towers with a closed circuit work in principle like open cooling towers, but discharge the heat load of the process liquid via a heat exchanger coil to the ambient air. The process liquid is isolated from the outside air so that it remains clean and free of impurities in the closed circuit.

All closed cooling towers containing evaporation components have two separate liquid circuits: In the external circuit, spray water circulates through the tube bundle and is in contact with the outside air. Process liquid circulates in the tube bundle in the internal circuit. During evaporative cooling, the heat is transferred from the internal circuit via the tube bundle to the spray water and then as part of the evaporative water to the outside air.

Main advantages

  • Cooling circuit without impurities
  • Dry operation in winter
  • Reduced system maintenance
  • Lower overall system costs thanks to savings in maintenance, water, energy and water treatment throughout the year.
  • All systems are equipped with the unique Baltibond hybrid coating. This extends the service life of your system
  • Reduces operating costs by reducing water and chemical consumption by up to 33% and cleaning costs
  • increases the operational reliability of your cooling system by significantly reducing the formation of biofilm

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