refrigerant condenser

Highly efficient and compact

Evaporation of refrigerants is an extremely effective method of heat dissipation. The resulting steam is liquefied again by means of a refrigerant condenser and returned to the cooling circuit. We deliver

  • evaporative condenser
  • hybrid condenser
  • adiabatic liquefiers

Our range of services includes:

  • Advice on the selection process including, among others
    • your specific refrigeration requirements
    • your system configurations
    • the space available
  • Engineering and system integration
  • maintenance
  • spare parts service

Evaporative condenser

  • Refrigerant re-condensation
  • 15% energy saving
  • Low operating costs

Hybrid condenser

  • environment-friendly operation
  • variable operating modes
  • minimal cloud formation
Installation eines adiabaten Kältemittelverflüssiger DCV-AD

Adiabatic Condenser

  • minimal water consumption
  • high industrial hygiene

Product Overview & Properties

Specific advantages of each product range

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