Dry Cooler

Dry Cooler

Dry or air-cooled products cool liquids or liquefied gases in closed circuits via sensitive heat transfer from high-density finned coils with air to the ambient dry ball temperature.


  • Small to medium climate and industrial applications
  • Sites with limited water availability
  • Applications with long range and long cooling limit distance


  • Small to medium climate and industrial applications
  • Sites with limited water and space availability
  • Commercial applications with high temperatures

Important advantages

  • No water treatment necessary
  • No vapour formation
  • Reduced maintenance requirements
  • No legionella risk

We supply dry coolers with a variety of fan configurations, tube bundle designs and motor types. They were developed for the demanding, industrial conditions. Extremely corrosion-resistant materials, U-flanges and tube bundle intermediate supports guarantee high structural strength. The heat exchangers are manufactured from high quality seamless copper tubes with wall thicknesses above the usual industrial standard and thick, robust aluminium fins with corrugated fin surfaces. The heat exchanger module is supported by extendable support legs that can be recessed into the heat transfer section to reduce shipping volume and allow quick and effortless installation. The use of 1/2″ and 5/8″ pipe systems allows the optimization of primary fluid pressure losses. They meet a wide range of performance requirements and at the same time optimally comply with noise level restrictions, for example in residential areas.

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