Liquid nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen production

We supply compact, ready-to-connect plants for the production, liquefaction and storage of nitrogen in tanks with production capacities ranging from 60 to 3,000 litres of liquid nitrogen per day. The systems separate nitrogen from the ambient air by pressure swing adsorption and liquefy the gas obtained using cryogenic generators according to the Stirling principle. They are equipped with tank storage tanks for storing liquid nitrogen and for buffering production and withdrawal quantities.

StirLIN liquid nitrogen generators are complete solutions that can be easily and quickly integrated into the operational process environment. They are equipped with a fully automatic operation control and monitoring system. Solutions for the removal of liquid nitrogen can be configured to customer specifications.

Nitrogen liquefaction is based on highly efficient, low-noise single-, two- and four-cylinder cryogenic generators based on the Stirling principle. Gas liquefiers of this type have proven themselves for decades under the most demanding conditions in industrial operation and can be used practically universally. With favourable energy costs, low maintenance requirements and maintenance intervals of 6,000 operating hours, they offer very good overall cost-effectiveness. System configurations that are already prepared for future capacity expansions are available.

Selection of products

StirLITE und StirLIN-1

  • space-saving
  • ready-to-connect stand-alone systems
  • including atuomatic operation control and monitoring


  • 2 single cylinder cryogenerators
  • efficient operation leads to a reduction of running operating costs
  • including atuomatic operation control and monitoring

StirLIN-4 and StirLIN-8

  • Four-cylinder cryogenic generators based on the Stirling principle
  • variable production capacities due to the StirLIN-4 Extendible construction type
  • including atuomatic operation control and monitoring

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