Adiabatic refrigerant condenser | DCV-AD

DCV-AD: Adiabatic refrigerant condenser

The DCV-AD is an axial counterflow condenser with adiabatic precooling according to the induced draft principle for a power range from 340 to 1,030 kW. The adiabatic refrigerant condensers of the Trillium series combine the advantages of sensitive condensers with those of evaporative condensers. This refrigerant condenser is equipped with adiabatic precooling pads, which enable a considerable increase in performance due to minimum water consumption and excellent operating hygiene. Water treatment is not necessary with this condenser.

operating principle

The DCV-AD is a V-shaped evaporative condenser with adiabatic precoolers (1). Water flows (2) evenly over the pads located in front of the dry finned coil (3). At the same time, axial fans (4) suck air (5) through the pads, evaporating part of the water and cooling the saturated air. This increases the cooling capacity of the incoming air and efficiently converts the steam (6) in the tube bundle into liquid.

Typical applications

  • Small to medium industrial cooling applications
  • Sites with limited water and space availability

key benefits

  • High thermal performance
  • Water saving
  • Excellent hygiene control

Main advantages in detail

The DCV-AD refrigerant condenser has adiabatic precooling pads in front of the finned tube coils, which cool the air flowing through practically to the wet bulb temperature. This means that this condenser provides up to 40% more power compared to dry cooling. Since no pumps are used for water distribution, it consumes less energy than comparable systems and achieves low process temperatures.

Trillium series evaporative condensers are equipped with intelligent control technology that limits adiabatic operation to periods with high outside temperatures. This results in annual water savings of over 80% compared to normal water-cooled evaporative condensers.

Since the water distribution of the DCV-AD is designed as a continuous flow system, no circulation of the water is required and no stagnating water in the system is possible. The pre-cooling water flows through an outlet from the pads to the sewer. Since no spray water is used and only the air is pre-cooled, no aerosol is formed and the risk of legionella is minimal. Trillium series evaporative condensers cool incoming air without transferring water to the dry tube bundle. So no evaporation residues can accumulate there.

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