Dosing units

Application of Dosing units

The availability, performance and operating costs of cooling systems depend decisively on the quality of the circulating water. From this point of view, integrated water conditioning is the most economic solution.

We have the know-how to optimally coordinate hardness stabilization, corrosion protection and the prevention of biological growth for your systems.
Our experts support you from A to Z with the implementation of test-safe solutions for cooling water conditioning.

Product range in detail

  • dosing pumps
  • dosing tank
  • agitators
  • Transmitter/Sensors
  • valves
  • Accessories
  • hot/cold media
  • pH value-based dosage control
  • Conductivity-based dosage control
  • continuous dosing
  • Interval dosing
  • Programmable controllers
  • Processing of measured conductivity values (temperature compensated)
  • Processing the pH measured values
  • Time control of dosing
  • Quantity control of the dosage
  • Control of biocide changes
  • Control of the desalination interlock

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