StirLOX systems for technical applications

For on-site production of liquid oxygen for technical purposes, ERT supplies ready-to-connect complete solutions with which customer-specific requirements can be flexibly met.

Our range includes StirLOX systems with production capacities ranging from 100 to over 2700 litres per day. The systems separate oxygen from the ambient air by pressure swing adsorption and liquefy it. The oxygen stored in the tank can either be removed in liquid form, filled into bottles or supplied in gaseous form via an evaporator unit.

StirLOX liquid oxygen plants are characterised by exemplary reliability and offer the technical prerequisites to ensure an uninterrupted oxygen supply even in the event of a power failure.

The liquid oxygen tanks can be configured beyond the standard delivery program according to customer requirements. Systems prepared for scaling the production quantity by installing a second cryogenerator are available. For locations without cooling water supply, StirLOX cryogenerators can be equipped with closed cooling systems.

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