Hybrid Cooler

Hybrid Cooler

Hybrid cooling towers combine the advantages of wet and dry cooling. Depending on the outdoor temperature, three different operating states can be selected:

  • Dry operation
  • Adiabatic Operation
  • Wet-dry operation

Dry Operation

Adiabatic Operation

Wet/dry operation

Advantages of hybrid coolers

Using BAC hybrid cooling towers reduces your water- and water-treatment costs, improves operational safety, and minimizes visible swaths. In times of dry operation, no spray water is used and therefore no swaths are created. The cost premium for the purchase of a hybrid cooling unit is compensated by the possibility of selecting the optimum operating state in each case, by decreasing operating costs in a short time.

The products are available in different configurations (multicurrent, countercurrent). They allow you to choose an optimal solution for each application. Low temperatures can also be reached on hot summer days. Choose the optimal device for your needs.

Choose the optimal device for your needs

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