Absorption: Use waste heat instead of electricity

The use of waste heat instead of electricity for refrigeration is particularly suitable for agricultural or industrial companies that have heat sources or waste heat of 90°C or more. If they do not use this heat for their own purposes and need cooling, absorption chillers are an economical alternative to electrically driven compression chillers, because the electrical power consumption is only 3-8% of the cooling capacity. Cold generation by absorption has been used industrially since the middle of the 19th century. Today, this technology is particularly convincing:

Low operating costs

High energy efficiency

High reliability and long service life

Usable heat sources are for example:

Read more about the advantages of converting heat to cold and about the working principle of the Congelo absorber.

Heat to cold

  • 70% energy savings at constant cooling capacity of conventional refrigeration systems
  • high operational reliability and minimum maintenance requirements
  • optimal for agricultural enterprises, food manufacturers and industrial enterprises

operating principle

Learn all about how absorption systems work.

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