Cryogenic nitrogen liquefaction: StirLIN-2

Liquid nitrogen generator up to 750l daily production capacity

Liquid nitrogen generators of the StirLIN-2 series are based on electrically driven single-cylinder cryogenic generators according to the Stirling principle for gas liquefaction. The StirLIN-1 Extendible model is prepared for the integration of a second cryogenerator for scaling the production quantity. The StirLIN2 model has two single-cylinder cryogenic generators. Operation control and monitoring of the systems are automated.

The series offers an efficient in-house liquid nitrogen supply with very good operating cost economy.

  • StirLIN1-Extendible: Liquid nitrogen production capacity > 270 l/day
  • StirLIN-2: Liquid nitrogen production capacity > 550 l/day

technical details

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