reliable and efficient.

Efficient gas supply

With the low-temperature generators based on the Stirling principle, which have been tried and tested for decades, our customers have their own reliable and efficient cooling source and are independent of cooling gas supplies. Gas losses due to evaporation are now a thing of the past. Many years of experience in the integration of cryogenerators in a wide variety of systems, some with extreme boundary conditions, make us an experienced partner for our customers, such as

For many gas and liquid processes temperatures far below 0°C are required. ERT supplies customized solutions in the temperature range from -75°C (200 K) to -250°C (23 K) for:

We supply gas liquefaction plants and systems for industrial and medical requirements according to the Stirling principle for temperatures up to 15 K, which has been tried and tested for decades, adapted to the individual liquefaction requirements and the existing infrastructure.

In particular, we offer specially designed plants for the liquefaction of

  • methane
  • nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • air

and many other technical gases. On request we also supply highly insulated storage tanks.

In industry, a wide variety of technical gases are required for a variety of processes. The quantities of gas also differ depending on their use. With Stirling low-temperature generators, our customers are independent of gas supplies and can produce the required gases on-site in the quality they require. Our range of services includes the production of

  • methane
  • air
  • nitrogen
  • Oxygen
  • helium
  • neon
  • argon
  • xenon
  • krypton
  • carbon dioxide

We also supply complete systems with the corresponding highly insulated storage tanks for changing requirements, adapted to the respective system configuration.

Gases for medical applications are subject to the German Medicines Act and must meet strict quality requirements. We supply complete cryogenic systems for the demanding manufacturing process, which make it possible to produce medical gases from the ambient air. Cryogenic generators based on the Stirling principle operate extremely reliably and ensure high gas purity. We supply complete systems for the demand-oriented production and storage of medical gases, such as

  • Oxygen
  • medical air
  • nitrogen

Please contact us if you have special requirements.

The service life of electronic systems is often directly related to their thermal load. Reliable cooling significantly increases the service life and availability of electronic components, thus saving costs.

Our mini split coolers are also suitable for small-piece superconductor applications where space is at a premium, such as superconducting magnetic bearings in industrial automation.

Our mini cryogenic generators can also be used to cool the fuel tanks of methane-powered vehicles.

Superconductors conduct current practically without ohmic losses and have a very high current carrying capacity, i.e. they conduct much more current than conventional copper or aluminium conductors with the same conductor cross-section. However, superconductors have to be cooled below their so-called jump temperature, whereby they suddenly lose their electrical resistance.

We supply low-temperature systems for, among others

  • superconducting cables
  • Superconducting fault current limiters
  • superconductor generators
  • Superconducting motors and drives
  • Superconducting high current rails
  • Superconducting magnetic bearings

We are happy to develop system solutions especially for your superconductor application.

To the products

Different system components and units can be combined for a more efficient gas liquefaction process. This ensures maximum energy efficiency and offers an effective alternative to conventional plant systems. Please have a look at our product pages / cryogenerators for more information.


  • methane conditioning
  • Conditioning of technical gases
  • Conditioning of medical gases
  • oxygen extraction
  • Low temperature processes
  • superconductor technology
  • high-performance electronics