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The VFL is a closed, radial counterflow cooling tower for a power range up to 580 kW with a maximum liquid inlet temperature up to 82°C. The VFL is designed for a wide range of applications. The water is distributed under pressure. VFL cooling towers provide the full rated thermal capacity for a wide range of flow rate and temperature requirements. They can be installed indoors, minimize noise levels and are available for limited ceiling or enclosure heights. The VFL design is characterised by low installation costs. It enables reliable year-round operation and requires little maintenance.

Operating principle

Warm process liquid (1) flows through a heat exchanger coil (2) which is moistened by the spray system (3). At the same time, the radial fan (4) blows ambient air upwards through the tower (5). During operation, heat is transferred from the tube bundle of the internal circuit to the water and then to the atmosphere, while part of the water evaporates. The cooled liquid then leaves the unit (6). The tower tub (7) or basin collects the remaining spray water. The spray water pump (8) lets the water flow back to the spray system. The warm saturated air (9) leaves the tower through the droplet separators (10), which remove the water droplets from the air.

Typical applications are:

  • Small to medium climate and industrial applications
  • Commercial applications with high temperatures
  • Installation where height and space are limited and installations requiring a single air inlet are required.
  • indoor installations
  • Noise critical environments
  • Dry operation in winter

Main advantages of the VFL:

  • Low height
  • Problem-free installation
  • Quiet

Main advantages in detail

The VFL is characterised by an extremely low overall height: VFL models are available in heights from 1,855 mm to 2560 mm. The fan section of the low models is located next to the housing section to allow their installation even with very limited ceiling heights. The VFL fits perfectly on roofs or in tight spaces.

The VFL cooling towers are factory assembled and supplied in one piece. Their low operating weight enables problem-free lifting and installation on site. Despite the high performance of the VFL, it has only a minimal operating weight, which allows cost-effective installation on a steel substructure or foundation provided by the customer. The one-sided air inlet allows it to be placed next to solid walls. The radial fans of the VFL can overcome the static pressure generated by an external supply and exhaust air system. Therefore, they can also be installed indoors.

The VFL units contain quiet internal radial fans and are characterized by a low noise level. For particularly low sound requirements, the unit can be positioned with the side opposite the air inlet (quietest side) in the direction of the noise sensitive area. The operating noises can be further minimised by specially developed and tested silencers or water silencers.

The corrosion-resistant materials used, such as the unique Baltibond hybrid coating, guarantee a long service life and ensure low maintenance and easy maintenance. The inside of the unit is easily accessible for adjusting the float valve, cleaning the strainer or rinsing the tub. Optionally, we offer a finned coil with steel fins for dry operation at low outside temperatures.

Evaporative cooling units minimize the energy consumption of the entire system due to their lower operating temperatures. The operator saves costs, at the same time preserves raw materials and reduces environmental influences. The optional Baltiguard drive system can further reduce energy consumption. This has the additional advantage that it reduces the noise level even further at low loads (at night). It is also a perfect standby system in the event of an engine failure.

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