Oxygen liquefaction

Advantages summarized

all-in-one solution

The StirLOX liquefaction machine takes over the entire operational process from generation through liquefaction to storage.

Automated operation

The technical connection to an operating and monitoring system makes it possible to meet individual consumption requirements.

Low maintenance intensity

Due to the fully automatic operating processes and energy conservation, the devices have a maintenance interval of 250 operating days.

ERT supplies compact, ready-to-connect plants for the production, liquefaction and storage of oxygen in tanks with production capacities ranging from 120 to over 1,750 Nm³ of oxygen per day. The systems separate oxygen from the ambient air by pressure swing absorption. The extracted gas can be consumed immediately or liquefied using cryogenic generators according to the Stirling principle and transferred to a tank storage facility. This solution enables effective and efficient storage of liquid oxygen. Disparities in production and consumption can be buffered and oxygen cylinders filled on-site. A continuous oxygen supply can also be maintained during power outages.

StirLOX liquid oxygen systems are complete solutions that can be easily and quickly integrated into the customer-specific process environment. They are equipped with a fully automatic operation control and monitoring system. Special requirements to the supply security with consumption peaks or failures of the power supply can be converted customer-specifically.

StirLOX solutions are based on single and four-cylinder cryogenerators based on the Stirling principle that have been tried and tested in industry for many years. Their excellent energy efficiency and low maintenance requirements, combined with maintenance intervals of 6,000 operating hours, ensure a high overall efficiency of on-site oxygen production.

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