Open cooling systems

Open cooling towers

Open cooling towers are a proven and cost-effective method of heat dissipation in many processes. During operation, the cooling water (or process water) flows directly over the heat transfer surface of the open cooling tower. When air flows into the tower, a fraction of this water evaporates and cools the remaining water.

Operating principle

Open cooling towers release heat from water-cooled systems into the atmosphere. Hot water from the system enters the cooling tower and is distributed over the packing (heat transfer surface). Air is drawn or forced through the packing by a fan, whereby a small part of the water evaporates. The remaining water is cooled by the evaporative cooling. The water cooled in this way is collected in the cold water tank and returned to the system to absorb heat again.

Main advantages

  • highly efficient cooling
  • low process temperatures
  • small footprints
  • simple minimum requirements
  • low energy consumption

Depending on the premises, hygiene requirements and other general conditions, we offer different open cooling systems:

  • VT0/1
  • VTL-E
  • S1500E
  • S3000E
  • PTE

All features and characteristics of our open cooling systems at a glance

All our open cooling systems are characterised by their reliable operation. The high quality standard of our equipment guarantees you corrosion-resistant materials, which enable smooth operation even in exceptional weather conditions. Naturally, this also includes resistance to cold in winter.

In addition, many devices can also be inspected during operation. So you have no disturbances and energy losses and the maintenance expenditure is reduced.

The S1500E and S3000E systems also enable long-term commissioning thanks to the additionally integrated drive systems. For more information, please refer to our system information for the respective devices (S1500E, S3000E).

All our systems are signposted by a very quiet operation. Disturbing noise levels can thus be minimized.

The quiet fan systems, consisting of radial and axial fans, ensure high noise reduction. In addition to the (water) silencer located at the air inlet, the ventilation is reduced many times over.

In addition, it is possible to align the units by means of a one-sided air inlet so that the loud side points in the most soundproof direction.

Some devices () enable a smaller and therefore quieter motorisation and the BACross filling material () also makes the water pipe into the pool more quietly.

Evaporative cooling units minimize the energy consumption of the entire system due to their lower operating temperatures. The operator saves costs, conserves resources and reduces the environmental impact…

As an option, the Baltiguard drive system allows you to further reduce energy consumption and noise levels at low loads. A perfect standby system in the event of an engine failure.

Axial fans consume only half the energy of similar fan units and have highly efficient fan motors.

Easy access and accessibility of the interior of the device allows smooth inspection and cleaning of the individual mechanical components.

The exchange in the case of a too large damage of single parts is thereby likewise unproblematic. A complete exchange of the packing packages is therefore not necessary. Depending on the problem, some of our devices can also be serviced during operation without any worries. So you don’t lose any energy and the cooling systems can continue to run.

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